Cork Foundation’s Diaspora Photographic Exhibition arrives in Cobh

Cork Foundation’s Diaspora Photographic Exhibition has moved to Cobh. Thanks to the Port of Cork, all through the month of August people visiting Cobh will be treated to some beautiful shots of Cork City and County. Thank you to all those who came along including some of the photographers, to help us to celebrate our exhibitions new home.

The exhibition is part of Cork Foundations Diaspora strategy in partnership with Cork County Council. The Foundation aims to strengthen the connection between people who have left Ireland. To mark the launch of the exhibition we hosted a reception last Tuesday 31st of July at Cobh Maritime.

Opening of Cork Foundation’s Diaspora Photographic Exhibition at Cobh Maritime Centre
Picture: Niamh Whitty/OSM Photo

Cork Foundation CEO Aine Collins says, We would like to thank Minister David Stanton and everyone at the Port of Cork for joining us on the day. We are very proud of the exhibition and we hope that those visiting our shores will enjoy it too.  

Minister of State in the Department of Justice and Equality David Stanton says, “I am delighted to help support Cork Foundation in their endeavor to reinforce the connection of those who leave Ireland, to their Irish roots. This exhibition allows visitors to rediscover what they love about Cork.”


Diaspora Photographic Exhibition Prize Giving

Cork Foundation were delighted to present the winners of our Cork Home and Away Diaspora Photographic Exhibition competition with their prizes on Monday 26th of February. The chosen five will now go on display in one of Bank of Ireland branches in Midleton, Glanmire or Little Island. The exhibition which was housed in Cork Airport during the lead up to Christmas, was part of our Diaspora strategy with Cork County Council. The purpose of this partnership is to highlight opportunities in local communities throughout Cork. Deputy Mayor Cllr Ian Doyle and Chairperson of Cork Foundation Aine Collins were both in attendance.

Cork Foundations main aim is to connect Cork network globally to support Cork people locally. We were fortunate enough to receive over 200 submissions and from that 75 were chosen to be put on display in both the County Council Offices and Cork Airport over the last few months. From this, five photos and three photographers were chosen as the overall winners of the competition, Martin Duggan, Kaumal Baig and Lorna MacDonald. Our hope is that the exhibition strengthens our connection to Cork by showing what Cork really means to people both at home and abroad.

In speaking of the Exhibition Prize Giving, Mayor of the County of Cork, Cllr Declan Hurley commented; “The Cork County Community Diaspora is a joint initiative between Cork County Council and Cork Foundation and one which has been wonderfully successful. It has provided a fantastic opportunity for Cork parishes to discover their descendants, encourage them to visit while also significantly increasing international awareness of these locations in the first instance.  As Mayor it gives me great pride to see people find their roots in Ireland and especially in Cork. “  

Cork Foundation would like to thank Cork County Council, Cork Airport, Bank of Ireland, Photographer Michael O’Sullivan and of course all the photographers who contributed to making the exhibition a wonderful success.

Chairperson Aine Collins and Deputy Mayor Cllr Ian Doyle pictured with winner Kaumal Baig (centre) at the Prize Giving for our Diaspora Photographic Exhibition in partnership with Cork county Council at Republic of Work, South Mall, Cork
Picture: Michael O’Sullivan/OSM Photo

Cork Foundation would like to congratulate the three winners of our Diaspora Photographic Exhibition Competition for their wonderful contribution. We at the foundation want to reach out even further to our Cork Diaspora and help to connect them with their Cork routes. This exhibition was a great opportunity to do just that. Commented Aine Collins, Chairperson of Cork Foundation.

Cork Foundation are delighted to partner with Cork County Council and looking forward to develop and strengthen our diaspora strategy throughout 2018/2019.” Commented Padraic Vallely, CEO Cork Foundation.



Home and Away Diaspora Exhibition Takes Off to Cork Airport

Cork Foundations inaugural photographic Exhibition, Cork Home and Away has moved location. It is now on display in Cork Airport so that more visitors to our shores can see the beautiful sights of Cork. To celebrate this move we hosted a drinks reception on Wednesday 22nd of November at Cork Airport.

The County Mayor Declan Hurley and the Lord Mayor Tony Fitzgerald were both in attendance. As was Cork Foundation CEO Padraic Valelly.

“We are delighted to partner with Cork Foundation as part of our Diaspora strategy. It has been an exciting year so far, we have held four Diaspora training sessions and trained over 100 people. We have also helped to bring an extra 500,000 euro into our local communities. We are excited to see what next year has in store and we hope that more and more people will reconnect with their Cork routes”, Commented Declan Hurley, Cork County Mayor.

“It is great to see the impact that Cork Foundation is having on the local Community. It is so important that funds go back into local projects in Cork and continue to help to grow social enterprise in both Cork City and County”, Commented Lord Mayor Tony Fitzgerald.

Cork Foundations main aim is to connect Cork network globally to support Cork people locally. We are thrilled that we can help to show case all that Cork has to offer through these wonderful images of Cork city and county. We hope that the many visitors to Cork will enjoy them as much as we have.

The Cork Foundation is about Cork people and those with an affinity to Cork. It has been wonderful to partner with Cork County Council as they share our vision for Cork. We want to connect even more people with their Cork routes and help to give back to Cork in a meaningful way,” Commented Cork Foundation CEO Padraic Valelly.

We would like to thank Cork Airport for allowing us to continue displaying our photographic exhibition to the people of Cork. We would also like to thank Bank of Ireland and photographer Michael O’Sullivan for helping us with our prize giving and of course to all the photographers who submitted their beautiful photographs.