Cork Home and Away

As part of Cork County Council and Cork Foundation Diaspora Strategy, we are delighted to announce Cork Foundation inaugural photo exhibition. This is part of a year long strategy with Cork County Council, linking with Corks diaspora.

The exhibition will take place October 26th at Cork County Council , and the exhibition will run for a week in Cork County Council main foyer.

We are calling Cork people  at home and abroad to submit their photos, highlighting what Cork means to you.

What does Cork really mean to you?

The photos must be sent in jpeg format because they are being submitted by email and be no less than 300 ppi. They must also be submitted by the 21st of August to or

If you would like to hear more about this inaugural photographic competition, you can email me at

One of Cork Foundation main aims is to reach out to the Cork Diaspora, and give them an opportunity to give back to their parish, community and town in Cork. By investing in social enterprises we are making a substantial difference to communities across Cork.


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